A foundation can be comprised of many different types of systems (e.g. t-shape foundation, trapezoidal foundation, posts and beam foundation, etc.) and have different types of problems. During a foundation inspection one can properly diagnose and identify the types of foundation problems that may exist on a homes foundation system.

There are several types of warning signs which can be visually observed during a foundation inspection that indicate whether a building structure has foundation problems or not.  A qualify licensed professional foundation contractor like us, can help you to determine if a foundation problem does in fact exist in your building structure.
6 Signs That Indicate Foundation Problems
  1. Floor Cracks |Foundation Inspection
  2. Sagging Floors |Foundation Inspection
  3. Exterior Cracks |Foundation Inspection
  4. Uneven & Sloping Floors |Foundation Inspection
  5. Sticky Doors & Windows |Foundation Inspection
  6. Interior Cracks |Foundation Inspection
Uneven or Sloping Floor
As foundation settles, so do the floor joists and the finished flooring above.
Floor Cracks
When concrete slabs settle unevenly, large cracks are likely to form.
Interior Wall Cracks
Interior wall cracks typically appear where walls are weakest.
Sagging Floors
Lack of interior foundation supports can  lead to floors sagging.
Exterior Cracks
As foundation settles or heaves, stucco tend to crack due to its stiffness.
Sticky Openings
When floor sinks, windows and doors jam as they are not square.
It is highly recomended for home buyer to get a foundation inspection as buying a home is considered one of the largest purchase decision that someone can make. When purchasing a home their is so much at stake and the most prodent thing to do is making sure the structure is safe and sound as to avoid taking any unnecessary chances.

Foundation issues are usually the most important and can be the most expensive. This is why we perform a thorough, professional foundation inspection and give our clients a better understanding of the condition of the property.
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