Seismic strengthening, also known as seismic retrofit, earthquake retrofit, and earthquake strengthening, is a structural modification that is perform to existing buildings to make them structurally resistant to ground movement induced by seismic activity.

There are many types of seismic retrofit techniques that have been adopted since the 1994 Northridge Earthquake that can be utilized on a building structure, which is why the first step is completing a structural inspection or a foundation inspection. This allows our trained inspectors to determine the type of earthquake retrofit techniques that need to be applied to a specific structure.

Our extensive, firsthand experience facilitates us the ability of providing the right seismic retrofit technics while providing cost effective earthquake retrofit solutions without forfeiting superior quality workmanship.
We Provide Earthquake Retrofit Solutions for:
  1. Residential-Home-Seismic-Retrofit-Cost
  2. Soft-Story-Earthquake-Retrofit-Repairs
  3. Mobile-Home-Earthquake-Retrofit-Upgrade
  4. Garage-Seismic-Retrofit-Upgrade
Residential Homes
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Garages and Decks
Mobile Homes
If you believe that you need to earthquake retofit your home or strucutre and need a general engineeirng professional to provide you with seismic retrofit solutions then request a foundation inspection before it is too late.
Residential Seismic Strengthening Standard Plan
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